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Frequently Asked Questions Page
Remington Dog Whistle


Remington Silent Dog Whistle. Click to view larger image.
Remington  Dog Whistle

Commonly Asked Questions




Q.   You say that Humans can't hear the whistle, but dogs can.  I hear this whistle all the time.

A.   The ad states that Humans can't hear the high pitch of the whistle, but that dogs can.  This dog whistle, as well as ALL silent dog whistles, do produce a secondary audible sound.  This sound is produced by the volume of air that goes across the whistle.  Blowing lightly on the whistle reduces the audible sound, and actually increases the ultra-sonic sound that dog's hear. 

Q.   I have blown on the whistle, adjusted it, and my dog doesn't notice.  This whistle must be defective.

A.   It could be that the dog does not recognize the sound as one to be alert about. Whistles, Clickers, even electric can openers are noises where trainers use the conditioned response test. Remember Pavlov's dog? In his experiment, Pavlov would ring a bell, then present the dog with food, the dog would salivate, then eat the food.  It only took a few tries, and when  he rang the bell, the dog would salivate without seeing the food! This same principle is used in training with the dog whistle. If you were to toot on the whistle before your dog goes out to the bathroom, after a few times you will find that your dog is  * * * Ready To Go !!! * * * 

Q. Will this whistle go through walls?  

A.  This is a common question I get.  I can blow on my whistle downstairs, and my Border Collie will come a runnin from upstairs.  The doors were open but I do think the whistle sound went through walls.

Q.  I want to get the neighbor's dogs to quit barking! Will this whistle do that?

A.   Maybe, maybe not.  If you blow on it and they stop, be sure to give them a reward to reinforce the training.


How to use this whistle:

While your dog is asleep, or when his attention is calm and unfocused, lightly blow on the whistle. You can unlock the nut, then screw the stem in or out until the dog's ears perk up.  You have found the 'sweet spot' that tunes directly to you dog.  If nothing works to perk the ears up, it could be that the dog is not interested in that unusual sound. Here is how to make them interested. Choose a command that you want him to respond to like having the dog come to you.  Blow on the whistle, then call your dog.  Give them LOTS of praise.  Do this 4-5 times a day.  Within a week, your dog will come to you with a toot of the whistle.

Questions?  Feel free to email them to me.


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Remington Silent Dog Whistle FAQ


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